Is there really no way to add custom movement abilities in blueprint?

Alright so here’s my issue. In reference to this, using method 3, I have some wall jumping and wall running moves, except, because they change the character’s velocity outside of the character movement component, when there is some latency there is bound to be some kind of correction/jitter. From the looks of that documentation I think I can avoid that if I add the moves to the character movement component, but I can’t do that in blueprint. Furthermore I can’t replace the character movement component in my character with a custom one because it’s inherited since it’s derived from the character class.

So now, unless I’m missing something, I can’t use my blueprint character at all? Why isn’t this kind of thing supported in blueprints? Should I just edit the engine source to support the moves I want? Do I need to just start over and use code for everything? I’m pretty frustrated and I’m not sure what the next step is in order to get a robust networked experience with non-standard movements.

Here’s another thread regarding my implementation, I guess basically asking the same thing in a different way.

Just wondering if you managed to solve this? I’m having a similar issue. Noticeable prediction errors happening all the time on any movements where I set velocity (all custom movements I’ve added)