Is there new way to make blank udatasmith file?

I used to use empty rhino .3dm file to purge unused datasmith assets.

Which is super timesaving since it destroy the reference without going through it.
(After that, you can simply delete datasmith actor - datasmith scene with no reference check. Then you delete the whole geometry folder in windows explorer)

But now that the new datasmith plugin doesn’t accept 3dm file anymore, I gotta find a way to make blank .udatasmith file.

Is there any trick for it?

3dm files should still work - what version are you into? We don’t have any intention to remove 3dm import. I know we have quirks with 4.26, but its not intentionnal.

Sorry for late reply!

My memory is very hazy but I think it was early 4.26 and the last time I checked, there was no problem importing. So it’s all good!