Is there any way to use blueprint code as a plugin?

I have some blueprint code and I could use it in other projects and am wondering if there was a way to easily use it in other projects that doesnt involve breaking nodes. I just want a simple drag and drop solution if there is one.

Beside the fact that you can copy/paste Blueprint code between two different projects, you can also Migrate… your BP’s to the new project or you can copy over the corresponding .uasset files. In any case, very likely something will break as you do that (e.g. Custom Events, Interfaces, …) so it is never a one-step process.

look into blueprintable components.
Or make parent blueprint that does not use meshes or materials. Ie. it has editable variables for all assets, but you leave them empty (so no dependencies on some art). Then you create inherited blueprint that fills up all those parent variables.
And then you can export/migrate parent blueprint without any dependencies, also you can use its child blueprints just like normal blueprints in projects.

Also You are probably at point (in unreal learning) where you should really consider switching to C++ (or at least reinforcing your blueprints with some C++). Udemy has great C++ for unreal course, and it is on discount now (15$ i think).