Is there any way to stop camera from following HMD?

I want to “freeze” and “unfreeze” HMD position and orientation at some point. Is it possible?
Setting “Follow HMD Orientation” in PlayerCameraManager BP to false not working (just sets camera to a random rotation and do not stop following HMD).
Any suggestions will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Do not do this. Sim sickness will be guaranteed. You can test what happens when stuff freezes with HL2 loading screens. It makes pretty much everyone sick instantly, even those not prone to sim sickness.

What you want is the opposite. Never freeze or otherwise hinder the camera that is controlled by the HMD.

I want to get rid of the HMD position and orientation microoscillations when player is not moving his head. Because it blurres the picture. I do not want to “freeze” picture when player is moving his head. Only when he is not :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Gigantoad on this one, these “microoscillations” are what help you stay grounded in the scene. I think taking them out will reduce presence at best or induce horrible sickness at worst.

You may be right. But I just want to try :slight_smile:
In real life all head micro movements and vibrations are compensated by eyes. But with Oculus Rift it is just not working because of a huge pixels and huge gaps between them. I want to solve it in a way that is not 100% correct, but we all know that current VR is just a heap of trade-offs and hacks. Another one is not a big deal i think.
But it can dramatically increase the quality of “staring” VR experience.

So the next question I would ask is, does anyone ever not move their head? I mean, hold it totally still so that freezing the image wouldn’t be noticed? Not to mention, what if something is moving in game which is often the case? A little light flicker, dust particles, water, sky, birds. The world is seldom a place of absolute rigidity. And if so then looking at it is rather uninteresting to begin with.

Yes. Almost every second we not moving our head for a few hundreds milliseconds . Look around, concentrating on different objects. You will notice that when you do so the picture you see is clear. It is not because you are moving your head. It is because you are not (not really, but your eyes compensate head micro movements and your brain is getting nice still image). If something is moving in game - it is OK, until it is hitting you (force your head to move) :slight_smile: I don’t want to stop everything from moving. Just remove micro movements of camera when you doesn’t move your head on purpose.

I just thought about something… have you actually tried using a good anti-aliasing setting (r.PostProcessAAQuality = 6) + a screen percentage >= 135 (hmd sp = 140)? For me these 2 settings combined almost completely eliminate any “dancing” pixels…

I know this makes it even harder to reach stable 75 FPS but for me it’s totally worth it, personally i prefer to have lower quality details, shadows, etc than downgrading these 2.