Is there any way to preview VR using the HTC Vive without loading Steam VR?>

I was able to do this with a run command before on a previous build, but now that seems not to work. Having Steam VR running in the background unnecessarily slows down some computers.

Does anyone know a work around?

I’ve had hit and miss with the different steamvr versions. Sometimes it works fine without it and sometimes it doesn’t. Can’t be of much help unfortunately, it’s been too inconsistent for me so I make sure steamvr is running.

Yeah its a bit of a pain at the moment hey. At the start it wouldn’t work at all unless I had SteamVR running but then it was always in the home screen when I wasn’t running VR preview which was a pain.

Now it seems to work without running SteamVR but its hit and miss if the screen goes off when I come out of preview mode. Not that great having the screen stay on sometimes if I’m developing for a couple of hours.