Is there any way to align maps on two adjacent meshes?

Hi, Is there any way to align the maps on two adjacent static meshes. I am just starting out unreal so don’t mind if its a silly question. i have attached reference image. i want to align the seams of the tiles on the ramp and the floor.

Give this a whirl: 1949cb3142e5aa9375d0d3f55bee7964ca942081.png
I think RyanB made the material, but I honestly can’t remember.

You can ignore the bump offset and its related textures/nodes; those were my additions to a material I was using at one point.

You can go about this several ways.

One, is to do a World-Aligned texture, as JamesEmory pointed out. However, this can be done a lot easier by just putting down a WorldAlignedTexture node, plugging your texture in to it, and putting a scalar value in to the texture size input (where 100 = 1m)
Two is easier to do if you know anything about UV maps. IN 3DS-Max there’s a super useful tool in the modifiers pane called ‘UVW Map’ where if you select ‘box’ and put the same values in to the size areas there for both of your floor meshes (again, where 100 = 1m) and make sure that the gizmo for the modifier is in the same place with both of the floor meshes, then you’ll get perfectly-aligned UVs every time.
In Maya I’m not sure if you can do that, but Maya’s UV editor is far superior to 3DS-Max’s so it’s a lot easier to align the UVs up there manually :slight_smile: