Is there any way to add a row to UDataTable from c++ code?

I have read the DataTable.h,it seems only two function to load some data,CreateTableFromCSVString and CreateTableFromJSONString.But my data store in sqlite database file.So,I want to read some data from database and write them to the UDataTable. How can I finish it?

UDataTable is not actually a database interface. It reads a CSV (or JSON) text file and imports the data to an associated USTRUCT derived from FTableRowBase.

As far as I know, UDataTable does not have a native method to manipulate the data, it’s read only. In order to add information to the data table at runtime, you would need to write out the text to the file directly, and then rebuild the UDataTable.

If you can connect to your database and retrieve the data as CSV (or JSON), you could then write it to a file, import the data as a UE4 datatable, and go from there. You could also extend the UDataTable object to allow you to feed it the CSV string directly without going to a file and using the native import.