Is there any path/ray tracing renderer for Unreal

I am looking for a ray/path tracing renderer which can produce images based on my UE4 scene and have been searching the web for quite a while.

Today I saw the Unity twitter account announced Otoy Octane renderer preview today:

For Unreal Octane plugin, the only news I can find is some discussion dated back to 2014. Previous news said OctaneRender will support both Unreal and Unity, but it seems not the case?

Anyone knows the progress of the Octane support for Unreal? Or is there any other path/ray tracing renderer I can use together with Unreal?


I don’t know of any currently available, only ones that have announced that they’re working on support, like Vray

There are none currently and I dont think you will find them anytime soon.

The UE renderer feels very coupled to the engine.

Unity literally spent the last two years decoupling their renderer to achieve the result you saw with OTOY the other day.

octane is still in progress for ue4. Just ask otoy on twitter1

I think we need octane in our lives! (as well as a good GI solution)