Is there any free idle animation for InfinityBladeWarriors characters?

Just a simple free idle animation

Yes there is lots. :wink:

The IB characters use the Epic rig so the animations in the 3rd Person will work or all of the animations on the marketplace made to work with the mannequin, including the free set, will work as well.

All you have to do, as an example, is delete the skeleton that comes with the package and change the reference to the new rig like this.

If your using the 3rd person template you can then change the base to the IB character

Thank you for your video!

The idle animation from the 3rd person or Animation starter pack are holding a gun, what I can’t use. The idle animation from MaximoAnimPack is ok, but the sekleton its incombatible the IB warrior characters (or I’m to much noob to get it right). So I’m still seeking an idle animation.