Is there an enhanced UE4 enhanced wheeled vehicle class?

(Note: I’m new to C++ and I figured I would ask before taking on such a big undertaking.)

Has someone already published an enhanced enhanced wheeled vehicle class for UE4?

The current class is fine for classic 4 wheeled vehicles, but is lacking for non-classic ones.

I’m experimenting with vehicles that have more and less than 4 wheels and have abnormal movement and suspension (like a rock climbing moon buggy thing) , but the only info I have been able to come up with that is remotely useful is: How to create N-wheeled vehicles - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

What I’m looking for is exact and independent control over each wheels steering, direction, suspension travel distance (post import of ■■■■■), wheel tilt range and how much tilting force each part of the suspension apples to the main body.

Has anyone attempted anything like this yet? Is the PhysX engine simulation capable of the level of independent control that I’m looking for?

The abnormal movement might be a place that Physx bites you on the ***. I am pretty sure it is a raycast vehicle. This would limit how accurate the solver would work for something like what I think you are describing. Correct me if I am wrong but you mean exaggerated suspension travel resulting in the wheel traveling up and down in an arc as opposed to traveling up and down in a line. Am I right about that?

Last time I looked a lot of the equations for vehicle movement were coming from manual on standard passenger vehicles, probably a reference for the automotive industry. Once you have moved outside the range of normal vehicle suspensions or start changing other physical properties in the simulation things might have to be re-evaluated to make sure the model still returns reasonable results. It’s kind of a math thing, I wouldn’t want to do it unless I had to.

And yes, you are correct, I want the wheels to move (relative to the main body) up and down and left and right in an arc.

At the very least, I want to enable N wheeled vehicles.

However, I’m a long way away from being able to do so on my own as I’ve just recently started learning C++

I know that I can fake it with BP, but my attempts at that look very bad when I go over bumps and the fake wheels have no traction.

Edit: + the fakes have no traction simulation.