Is there an efficient way to import vertex animation from a fbx file?

I was going to import a tree mesh with animation to UE4 engine, but it seems the way I found to do it is not quite effcient, so is there any way to import fbx vertex animation to the enigine nicely?If I use the abc formate instead, how to combine the abc animation with the mesh which includes the material information in the engine already?And I cann‘t find the Maya_AnimationRiggingTools flie in UE4 engine is there any chance to find it? I know where the extra file is.Thanks.

seems like an inneficient way to go about getting things into the engine
you can use cache alembic but it gets really heavy…er2/index.html
for animated realtime trees you’ll probbaly want to look into this

Thanks I will, seems importing an animated tree from speedtree by fbx is not valid as I espected