Is there an attack FX showcase for multiple games?

Hey all, just was looking around the internet the other day and I was having the hardest time finding any kind of large grouping/showcase of attack fx that you might see in games like diablo 3, guildwars, Tera Online, Dragons Nest, Maplestory Zero, or the like. The type of attack effects that have really stylized looks and are either flat, or on flat planes used in such a way to make it look like it has volume. I recently watched (and loved) Luos’ Particle Showcase tutorials and was wanting to get into making some of my own, but I would really like to see a bunch of different effects from different games for reference without relying on youtube gameplay videos which don’t show off the effects by themselves. So, just wondering if anyone has seen or knows of any showcases/galleries of game effects that they could direct me to?

I’ve been saving a few videos to dissect and study for a bit…so here’s some I’ve found worth a look…

Just WOW! Thank you, kind sir!

Amazing collection of vids ya got there! And here I was feeling so proud that i followed luos’ tutorial, how much more i have yet to learn! Unfortunately, I cant really tell what I am seeing, even when i go frame by frame in the videos. I can tell that the sword swing effects are animated materials on polygon… circles, i think? (I think they are polygons cuz I can see the flat edges when I pause the videos). And the energy ‘fountains/gysers’ I think are the regular type of particles because they are always facing the camera… maybe. IDK, but I think i need to get some more info/examples of people making the material side of such things because that is where I am totally lost at. Ex: how on earth do you make a material fade in/out in a clock like circle?

Oh, and found a couple hidden gems on the interwebs: Klemen Lozar's Online Portfolio

Yeah, very good collection there! Might try and mimic a few of these myself.

Plenty more to be found on Vimeo… A lot of students at the end of their semesters posting their FX effects on that site…funny I don’t see more on Youtube but whatever…

Knobbynobbes if you’re digging kmskazka’s stuff you may wish to direct a question or two that way as Kmskazka replied here on this question…3rd down…(unless you already saw that …then nevermind)

fade in a circular motion I’d go about it this way… Material girl: Fixed rotator …it’s in UDK but 99% of the stuff in the material editor still applies to UE4…
There’s a lot more training content out there in UDK then UE4 currently and really most (if not all) of it still applies…

Eat3d has a few free ones dealing in materials -
and particles -
more -

ImbueFX has some tuts that lean toward (you guessed it from their name) FX for games - Loading...

(」゜ロ゜)」 SHOCKING REVELATION!!! Kmskazka, please pass on your grand wisdom to us common folk! I love all your ice materials and effects and goodies. If you could give us a small breakdown/explanation, or possibly a tutorial, of what you did for your ice material and your ice wave particle effect, I know all here would be most grateful (would also love an explanation of what you did to make the ice projectiles, the ones that arc through the air, if you felt so inclined).