Is there an actual UE5 support team?

Ive tried contacting the link on the support page for actual support instead of community and all I receive is an error. Is there an actual support team? All Im looking for is why if the apple prores plugin is installed why there is isn’t any option to export to prores and no one seems to have the answer. Beginning to think the link for support is just for show.

Hey there @MichaelJNorman! I believe the Unreal Developer Network (UDN) support is for developers with custom licenses already set up with Epic if you have one I might have to see if we can get that sorted directly, that said I do see an error as well, so I’m going to reach out to verify this error isn’t just because we haven’t been whitelisted.

I know I’ve seen a number of threads on ProRes export not being available on the new Movie Render Queue outputs, but I could never replicate it myself and it looks like it’s the same here as I could select it this time as well. I’m thinking this is probably a MacOS specific issue since every thread I’ve seen has it only occurring for Mac users. I’m currently using the launcher build of 5.03 on Windows 10.

Sorry to hear this is still an issue!

Ah ok, well I thank you for responding. I hope they come up with some solution.

I’ll keep you updated on any response I may receive! It does look like the UDN side is up and running, we’d have to be whitelisted to even get to a landing page.

That said, I’m sure you (or someone has) already reported this bug specifically through the bug report system, but it’s my job to ask if you had reported this there? I couldn’t find an issue ticket for it myself. Trying to verify it, otherwise we’ll have to submit one so we can make sure the team is aware of this. There’s a relatively small amount of Prores users, and an even smaller subset that are unable to see it, I’ve seen 3 threads about it ever and 2 of them were yours, so it’ll be extra important for us to get the bug reported.

I did put in a ticket a while back about it but where I submitted it they said it wasn’t there team and have no direction on where I should submit it.

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No worries! For Epic Maintained plugins, submitting a bug through the bug portal is usually the way to go. For plugins handled by external vendors, it gets to be a bit fuzzy on where they would prefer bug reports to be sent.

I did a bit of digging in the past couple of days and it looks like this is a widespread issue involving most MacOS versions, and 5.0 specifically.

thank you for the link, I’ve found that it seems to be Mac versions too, its just frustrating that they are just standing up and saying something about it. Thank you for the help