Is there a way to transform an object into a fracture destructible object under certain conditions?

You would need to create the Destructible Meshes and then when it gets hit with a Melee weapon, swap in a new Destructible Mesh Component and apply some impulse to make it fracture.

I made some objects that are going to remain static hit with a weapon, then they become physics activated. That’s easy enough but now I want to make them instead become fracture destructibles but only when hit with a melee weapon specifically.

Alright. I have tried this but running into difficulty. When you say “swap in a new Destructible Mesh Component” what blueprint nodes are you referring to specifically? I ask because I can destroy the initial mesh just fine but “spawn actor at location” node does not allow for destructible meshes. It just doesn’t show up on the drop down list on the node. and I don’t see any kind of swap nodes either. Thanks so far.

You want to use the AddDestructibleComponent node.