Is there a way to tell a blueprint to fallow the location of it's component ?

I want to active the physics simulations at a certain time in the game, however, the mesh component will start simulating and falling and w/e physics objects do, but the blueprint will stay behind, is there anyway to make it follow the mesh ? If it can follow it, i can then turn off the physics whenever i want and return to the normal blueprint functionality as it was before it turned into a physics object.

There may be a better built in way, but on a Tick, you could get the World Location of the component, then use that vector to set the location of the blueprint(plus an offset if necessary).

Make blueprint movable (ie its root and all components)
Make sure they all have autoweld turned on.
Make sure that only this mesh component has collision and physics enabled.
Rest of components should not have physics simulation and only overlap collision, else you will get some strange bouncing between components.

If everything fails, add physics constraint component between blueprint root and mesh, but that should be not needed.

Also if aabove does not help, please post picture of your setup.

Thanks for the advises, i will try that out.