Is there a way to show Mono Scope Equirectangular images in VR without distortion?

Hello, I have been trying to make some visualizations in VR using Equirectangular images. The visualization works well if you use stereoscopic equirectangular images (One for the left, one for the right eye). Although, it’s not always that I have this available.

If I use only one image (Mono view) the result is that close objects get huge and the player seems to be floating on the scene, due to the fact that there is no parallax. So, my question is the following.

1 - Is there a way of manipulating the material to achieve the stereoscopic view, using a single equirectangular image? (Only translating the texture for one of the eyes don’t work very well, since it moves the whole texture).

2 - If not, there is a way of making a left/right equirectangular image from one equirectangular image, i.e using photoshop or gimp?

Here is the link for the image I’m trying to visualize:

If you use the standard material for stereoscopic visualization, i.e as show on Unreal documentation, it doen’t work well.

I would appreciate any help!! Thx.