Is there a way to reduce the server upload bandwidth?

I noticed that the server upload, which has a UE4 Game Server, quickly rises to an extreme height.
For example Fortnite:
Let’s say there are 100 actor edits per tick, which every player needs to download from the server.
100 edits * 1.000.000 players * 30 FPS (it also could be 60 FPS, I don’t know) * 200 bit (32 bit location * 3 + 32 bit rotation * 3 + 8 bit object id + …) = 600.000.000.000 bit/s = 600 Gbit/s
Does Fortnite have that much bandwidth on their servers, or is there a trick to reduce the bandwidth?
The question arises to me, since the utilization of the bandwidth with about 1000 players would be high (if the 1000 players are divided into 10 game levels) and then already would be at about 600 Mbit/s
PS: I know that I also would have to calculate the header size of the IP packages, but I miss this in this calculation