Is there a way to make destructible lights? Like in Modern warfare?

Ok so I’m wondering if there is a way to make a system where you have a light actor, and when it is shot at, it changes the mesh of a lightbulb to a broken lightbulb mesh, and then the light turns off. This kind of thing can be seen in Modern warfare 2019.

Of course! You should search for tutorials on youtube regarding light switches. Then it’s just a matter of having 2 meshes which you swap or you can create a destructible mesh from the light bulb in which case no mesh swapping is needed.

Thank you! and i should be able to shoot at it? like say with the first person shooter template gun?

You might simply do a Line Trace from your players weapon when firing and trigger a change of the bulb mesh and switch off the light, if the line trace hits a light actor. Might be worth to mention, that switchable lights will require dynamic lighting, will not work with static lights, which are baked into the scene by lightmass. Maybe some particle effect might even be nice to be applied.