Is there a way to lock an event during a certain (amount) of time?


Still I’m very new to this but it is really getting better. Today I wanted to ask if it is possible to lock a key? I have an event that plays a timeline via “Play from Start”. I set up a Play/Pause button with an event signed to another button. With a Flip Flop I tell the button to swith between play and pause everytime I pressed.

The Problem is, that you can then still press the button for the first event to “Play from Start”, which kind of deletes my progression through the animation.
Is there a way to lock the first event, when firing off the second the first time and unlock the first event again when I the play/pause-event fired up the second time?
Ideally it also works backward, that I can’t press pause while no animation is playing.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here is an image showing the BP:

Go ahead and make a new boolean IsPlaying. When PlayFromBeginning is called, it can check IsPlaying and if so, do nothing. If not, continue and set IsPlaying to true.

You can check it on the Pause event too - if it’s playing you can pause but otherwise, do nothing.

Prefer Gate vs Bool