Is there a way to know where was the trigger of a log?

When I’m using this command to log:
UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT(“stuff…”));
The log won’t show me what line logged it.
In unity for example, I can see the line that logged it and also the lines that called that line. Example:

line 65:log(“asdasd”);
line 30:callLog();
line 15:callcallLog();

And then I know what caused the log.
This is really crucial when wanting to know from where a certain function where called.
Instead of putting a log everywhere I call this function.

You have to use a different type of log for it to work and launch the binary with an extra argument: -scriptstackonwarnings. Now to print the trace you would like to use this 'lil helper: FFrame::KismetExecutionMessage(TEXT(“My warning that will print a trace”), ELogVerbosity::Warning);.

Ooo that’s a nice tip… thanks for that Moss!

This is a simplier way described here.