Is there a way to insert a c++ class between the base actor and a current blueprint class?

At the moment i have this:


And i want to insert a c++ class so i can make some of the basic modifications in there, like this:


Is it possible ?

Create your C++ class such that it inherits from AActor. Then, create a blueprint that inherits from your C++ class. Should be fairly simple!

Yeah but the thing is that i already have big and functional BP Class, and remaking it in c++ is a lot of work.

Hey its no simple way to doing this.
But you can do the following, create a new C++ class derived from AActor.

Then apply all the members variables that you currently have in the BP class.
When you have added all members in the new C++ reparent the BPabc to the New C++ class.
Swap out the existing variables in the BP class for the C++ version and you should be good.

And you don`t have to redo the entire graph.
With that said if you are porting it to code it make sense to do the logic in code as well.

Its worth noting that if you just reparent the BPabc to the new Base class you dont have to change variables.
But if you don`t they will not be available in code.

OMG BluePrintGrapth->ClassSettings->ClassOptions->ParentClass(DropDownMenu)! Thanks, had no idea i can do it that easily :smiley:

Another way to do this is open the blueprint and select File > Reparent blueprint.