Is there a way to filter the influence of a decal ?

If i want to to project itself only on static meshes and brushes, but not on pawns or dynamic actors, is it possible ?

in your details / rendering of your mesh/ in level or blueprint, if you uncheck “receives decal” it will not be rendered on it (you have to click on the triangle to unhide it). You have some decals examples in the decal map in the content example project to learn more.

In addition to what Fen said, we have a feature request in for “Decal Channels” so that you could set what types of decals could render where.

Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

Is it in yet ? I didn’t found anything about that.
If it is not in yet, when will it be ?

I too am curious. I spawn scorch marks from a certain weapon; they need to leave marks on walls/floors AND enemies, so I can’t filter those objects out, but when I spawn them on enemies, sometimes they bleed off of the enemy and become visible on the floor (especially if the weapon hits his lower legs or feet).

I need a way to filter a specific decal to only render on the actor it’s spawned attached to.

It is not in yet, it is still in our “To Do” list. We don’t have a targeted build for this yet, but I’ll let the developers know that there is a need for this to help get it some traction.

That would be awesome :slight_smile:

A kind of (sort of ?) “collision visibility” for decals would be a cool stuff, yeah.