Is there a way to downgrade from downgrade 4.24.3 to 4.24.2

As the title says is there a way to downgrade to from these versions?

Delete / uninstall .3 and then select to install .2, in the launcher.

There is no option for .2 in the launcher that I can see

I don’t know how to downgrade. I found it is there in the list if it was previously installed. Otherwise it is not there in the Launcher list of versions. I thought I recalled being able to install almost any previous version from the launcher, but I looked around in it and couldn’t find it. I also cannot find the previous versions in the Unreal web site. Going to Download under Getting Started returned an error page of 404, no download links. Perhaps it’s a browser issue, but even then it’s odd there aren’t links to download previous versions in the launcher.