Is there a way to differ ipad air and iphone6 in blueprints?

I want to use to 2 different material model for ipad air and iphone 6 plus,for ipad air use opaque and for iphone 6 plus use translucent?How can I achieve that?Thanks!

I’ve asked this in the past with no success however recently saw device profiles can be setup for each iOS type.

Could you please be specific?How can I set up in deviceprofile to select different materials?Thank you very much!

Not really :slight_smile:

I’ve used confit variables in c++ but not blueprint. Looks like these device profiles are just device specific config overrides but I haven’t delved.

It sound like you can also setup actor config variables ( so I would imagine you set one of these up, specialise the value per device type and do a bit of blueprint based branching to select your material.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks!That really a great method,but since that it restricts the ini file to DefaultEngine.ini,I know that I can specify different settings for different devices in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini, maybe I cannot specify that in the DefalutEngine.ini. Is there a way to communicate between the DefalutEngine.ini adn the DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini?Thank you again!

Get active device profile name ----> switch on string