Is there a way to Cast a UBlueprint Object in C++ to the C++ Native Parent?

Hi guys… i’m doing progress on my plugin, i have managed to create a tab to a Blueprint Editor of a certain class. The problem is that the only object i can have access is the UBlueprint object being edited.

Problem short, i need to cast or obtain my c++ object from that UBlueprint Object and i have absolutely no idea how to do that.

Any thoughts?? Thxs guys

Ok, the way one should do this is… everything you need to edit on the editor, should be on the UBlueprint object.
After this, if you need the data to be on the C++ Generated object, you should create a BlueprintCompiler, and use the method:

If by any change, you need to still access the generated class, UBlueprint has


With this you can easily instantiate your final class, keep in mind that this is only the class definition (UCLASS), so no data is stored there