Is there a way to allow users to walk along the vertical wall of the fbx model in during Play?

I want to make a spherical building so that people can walk 360 degrees from the inside. Can I know how?
Please reply. Thank you.

Hi! Perhaps you need a custom gravity solution? The basic idea is to update (every tick) player pawn gravity vector towards sphere surface (or circle if 2D)

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Thank you for your answer! Could you tell me how to update player pawn gravity vector towards sphere surface?

It doesn’t need to be gravity specifically. Gravity is a force like any other.

You should first turn off the level’s own gravity. Then, every tick, subtract the player pawn’s location vector from the sphere center’s location vector to get the vector in which your “gravity” force should be applied. Normalize that vector, then multiply it by the magnitude of your intended “gravity” force, and apply force to the pawn using that vector.

Your gravity force scalar may need to be quite large (several million) for the “gravity” force to be noticeable.

Next, you need to align the pawn’s rotation and the player camera to the surface of the sphere.