Is there a UserWidget equivalent to an actor's OnConstruct for dynamic construction of widgets?

Hey team,

Do user widget blueprints run any functions such as Actor’s OnConstruct while editing (i.e not at runtime)? And if so can they be accessed from blueprints?
Procedural user widget blueprints are quite limited when they can only construct themselves during runtime.

An example:

I have created a parent blueprint widget that spawns child widgets procedurally form a TArray of structs then adds them to a container. When I change the items in the TArray I would like the widget to recreate its child widgets.
I have a widget blueprint containing another widget that contains a label (A custom button blueprint in a custom list perhaps). I have a variable for the label on the parent widget and update it, I would like the text in the label to then update.

Our team is regularly limited by not being able to change variables in parent user widget blueprints to see changes passed down to children widgets during editing. Colors, text, layouts etc can only be viewed in game as a majority of our UI is procedural.