Is there a tutorial for Close Combat: Swordsman integration with Advanced Locomotion System V4?


I have been searching for a tutorial that can explain how to combine the two assets, by migrating them from their own projects into an existing one. But I came across nothing helpful, tho I did see a few videos of people showcasing that they had combined them, ex : and I think that these both videos are by the same person. I am using version 4.24.2 of Unreal Engine and if you have any suggestions to tutorials or tips , they would be helpful. I think there’s not many videos on it because it’s very complicated, but both these assets recently became free, so it’s very very hard pass to just skip them, lol.

Help of any sort is appreciated! :smiley:

PS: I didn’t know which forum this would go in so I just posted it in content creation…

Did you end up finding something, because I am in desperate need for a tutorial on this

tambien estoy esperando algo