Is There a "HOST" only setting?

Is there a “HOST ONLY ACCESS” setting or device in my custom map that I can place and program to allow the host of the game access only to a button, switch or chest? The invisible buttons and switch’s, class selectors do not stop “griefers” from gaining access first, if they find it first. They find a way every time. Im a streamer, making my own maps, and I hope that a device will be made for this specialized access. If it already does please let me know how!


You can do this with classes and save device, which is not in UEFN rn. If you’re interested, I have a map that works like that and it is a “Simon says”, maybe you can see how it works!

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Thank you for your response…Ive had to put a pause on map creating right now due to fighting cancer and treatments. When Im finished with chemo, I will difficulty like to set up time to lok over your map. It wont be until late Sping .

Thank you

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