Is there a good tutorial to show how to set a team up with Source Control? (SVN, P4...)


We’re a team of 2 developer and we want to develop a game under under UE4.
We already worked with Unity, and we used the Unity Asset Server to manage our assets (was very simple, we just had to push changes with a single button…) We’re also familiar with Team Fundation Server which is very simple to use too.

We’re beginners with SVN, P4 (the systems UE4 gives us for source control), and we couldn’t find any good tutorial on how to set everything correctly. Is there any?


Hi Shelby,

Here is some documentation on the basics of using Source Control in UE4 and some tutorials from the Perforce website.

Also check out this post below to see if any of the answers may help you find what you are looking for.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, TJ