Is There a Complete Guide?

Howdy everyone. I am finding myself getting hung up on some pretty simple things in the Unreal Engine 4. For example, I generated a character in Maya with no problem, I exported it with no problem, but I get a general error on import. There are allot of in-between steps that are missing from the tutorial series, and I was curious if a book was out for Unreal Engine 4. I would like a complete overview of U4 so I can get right into playing with the engine.

That’s the documentation :wink:

In addition to what JohnF30 said…

Oh, and don’t get me wrong, the documentation has been a tremendous help. However, I am specifically asking if there is a book out on it yet. I know there is one for UE3. Thanks for the reply.

I think the issue with printed materials, Im assuming since you didnt say e-book, is that they are obsolete by the time they get to the printers especially when it comes to tech topics. Im sure if you wanted an e-book you might be able to compile a list of topics from all the documentation, official and community made, into a book format, I think thats the main idea here is that we work in collaboration to build things together :slight_smile: If you have topics in specific or some kind of needs list in the way of building your core knowledge up from the base please feel free to share it and I’ll try to use it myself for the tutorials I have planned :cool: