Is there a basic AI blueprint tutorial out there?

We are about to need info/tuts about this the next week due to that we are putting in the enemy pawn during this week. So we have been searcing everywhere for it, but we cant find any reliable information about setting up basic AI, like running around, path finding, attacking or just simply get them to walk around on their own and have health.

Also when I’m on it, info about health and damage kinda ties into setting up pawns, so any good info about this too?

if we need C++ thats no problem, but we would like to stretch the usage of BP a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

you should check the butterfly in the in the blueprint office example

Epic has some official documentation in the works. Behvavior Trees are still in the “experimental phase”. You need to click the box in the Editor to enable the BT Editor in your project.

Here are some good links:
Post number 5 in this thread is a very straightforward way to setup a Behvaior Tree, either in Blueprints, or C++.

In the following thread, the first post is not the best practice, but it does function. Epic devs added several posts showing how it could be done better and provide quite a bit of info about Behavior Trees in UE4.

Behavior Trees are only one option, but Behavior Trees are provided and work in either or a mix of C++ and Blueprints.