Is ther anyway to Record Video and Take screenshots in iOS and save them into Gallery?

I’m trying to take screenshots and record videos with iOS devices in my game and save them into gallery.

I tried using Console Command HighResShot and Shot they save only camera feedback and saves them into App.

First of all, is the OS 11.0 and newer?
If yes, there should be the ability to record the screen. It should be in control centre. If not, go to settings>control centre>customise controls and there should be screen recording there. Just add it and Voila! you have it. You can also turn off and on mic input when you hold the widget in control centre.

If no, there is an emulator for iOS devices called Shou, which also records the screen. Just download that and you should be able to record your screen!
Hope I was able to help!
The attachment shows the widget in the settings.

To take a screenshot you have to press the home button and the “sleep” (?) button at the top or the side if its iPhone 6 or newer. you have to press them both at the same time but dont hold it there for too long otherwise your phone will restart.

I think that he is talking about from within the app. For instance a button that is created in the application that when pressed would begin recording the screen or take a screenshot then send it to the camera roll on the device. I am having a similar issue.