Is their any program to turn a normal map into a sculpt.. messing with lods


No, normal maps can’t accurately be turned into a depth map, they don’t contain any depth information, just angles.

It’s not realy turning a normal map into a sculpt, but u can further increase the illusion of depth on an object with the material by using crazybump.
Hope this helps.

Trying to turn a model and a normal map into a high poly sculpt is like seeing a person after a hair cut and the pile of their hair and trying to guess what their hair looked like before hand. You could make some guesses, but trying to put it back isn’t going to work.

lol okay guess not

There are some programs that try to build depth map from normal map. These can be quite accurate in some simple cases. With depth map and model you can try to build high poly model. But this sounds really backward.

Crazy Bumb easily converts normal map to height maps.
At least for terrains it’s a very simple process.