is their a tutorial on how "stylized" was made?

I am currently learning how to create a terrain, the environment mainly as I have been making houses and buildings rocks etc in Maya. so is their any tutorials on that stylized demo? as the environment is very nice and amazingly made.
this is a link to a tutorial about terrains there is a lot just look on youtube and to make something like stylized demo you need some stylized textures like those used in the demo you can use them if you like and try to understand how they are done

thank you, I do not mind so much about textures just how to make the hills and the area that is made in stylized. as when I make it my hills never looks good and its hard to get… hmm a wavey kind of look the map while making hills, paths etc

you can export the heightmap or if you want to make your own i think learning world machine is going to be pretty helpful