Is the way UE4 works copyrighted?.

Hi, I’m in the process of making a website that will contain several dozens of Flash games, not very complex games, think of board games, like Scrabble, Chess, Battleship, Go, etc. The idea is that the games are multiplayer games, all of them.

So, these past few weeks I was thinking about making how to build these games quickly, and I thought about some kind of framework or platform, and not to need to code them one by one, even if I re-utilize code, it would be a tedious task.

And remembering my experience using this engine, it hit me, why not make a reduced/simpler version of how blueprint works?, only in Adobe Air for desktop, in a way I can just write the logic of the games there and then build them based on some sort of xml output. Then I would read that xml output to just build the final games. I made some quick tests and in theory it should work, I didn’t notice any impossibilities, at least from the language itself.

I actually would want to use UE4 for this task, thing is, the HTML5 is still too green, and I’m very familiar with AS3, Air, and all of the workarounds.

However, if it happens that at some point the platform gets big, and I want to publish it online so people can use it (without the intention of profit from it), I’d like to know if I can “inspire” myself based on how blueprints work, since I consider it a wonderful way of making logic, and I know that for my simple games, it would be more than enough.


Node based stuff like that are not unique to UE4, you just can’t try to replicate the actual code that makes up the system.

I don’t intend to replicate the code, is not possible anyway considering the technology I’m using, only the way the bluprints work.

It’s possible if it’s really similar then that could be an issue–but there’s a number of things in the Unity asset store that replicate Kismet from UE3, or the way the material editor works in UE that is really really similar, so I don’t know how far that can go.

I see, then it shouldn’t be a problem, I’m only interested in how the nodes logic works.