Is the UE3 or UE4 lighter for a low-spec Android game?

The question is in the title. Which engine will run better on weak hardware? Normally I’d assume UE3, as it’s older with simpler lighting, but Epic is really promoting Android support in UE4, so I’m not sure.

Personally, I wouldnt start any new project in UE3/UDK for any platform.
With the development of UE4, Epic regards the UE3 as “deprecated”. So it will unlikely be developed any further. Just enough to support the finalization of current projects of licencees that are to far progressed to be ported over to UE4.
You can disable most resource demanding features to adjust for target hardware performance.
For example you are not required to use heavyweight lighting…
So UE4 with Android shouldnt be a problem. :slight_smile:

  1. Unity: fantastically low hardware requirements
  2. UDK / UE3: mid-level graphics card required…
  3. UE4 980m / Titan-X recommended…

Using UDK / UE3 is not the best idea as KVogler pointed out. But it is very stable and predictable and the range of tutorials are excellent and most bugs are already documented. That’s why some experienced devs like Tegleg etc, have chosen to go back to it… There is a prevailing view on the UEK / UE3 forums, that Epic deprecated UDK before UE4 was ready for prime-time. However, UE4 is the future, no doubt about it…

Edit: On reflection UDK is iOS only, so that’s leaves option #1 or #3. Faced with your decision I would download a sample environment + character pack from the UE4 Marketplace plus dial-down-graphics pack, and compare that with equivalent packs off the Asset Store. I’d also research existing UE4 Android threads on here, as UE4 Android may have to stew a little longer…

You partially misunderstood me. While I said that UDK is deprecated, I do recommend UE4 for development on Android…!

Wasnt an option by the TO…

Well, you exaggerating a bit here…:rolleyes:

Sorry typo, it was meant to read (UDK / UE3), fixed now!

True, but the OP is open to different engines and Unity is a natural choice for Android development, being at the low end of the game hardware-wise…

That’s standard spec for developing in UE4 now if you follow the engine developers recommendations in the past month. Obviously though, after packaging the game itself will be at the lower-end for android…

Recommendations should always be taken with a grain of salt :rolleyes:
I have a GeForce GTX760 and it runs fine :slight_smile:

I have a GTX 860M in my gaming/design laptop, and it runs UE4 games perfectly so far, but it’s still about 10x the performance of an Adreno 330.

Ah well. The UE4 just finished downloading and installing. I suppose I’ll try that. Time to hit the tutorials.

A quick note of my experience with mobile:

  1. Overall compatibility with more android devices and super cheap low end [Mobile]. Unity is way to go. However, semi-new mid range and up is fairly good on android side. (Fun fact i’ve gotten my galaxy s1 to run ue4, although it only maintain about 15fps with paper 2d and very simple assets)

  2. Personally UE4 can run pretty well on mid-range android devices. DO NOT expect good performance from 50-100$ tablets. I have a couple ~100$ “china devices” [That i picked out to have best gpu for the price] I still get constant 30 FPS on my game (without much optimization). Not shabby, maybe this next year/generation of $100 devices will have a bump in newer gpu’s that will keep UE4 in ~45-60 fps (ex: dual boot intel cherry trail gpu’s should do this).

  3. Epic has stated as far as mobile is concerned they are targeting mid-range and up (That is about galaxy s3 and up really).