Is the event patcher the right tool for the job?

Hi ,

I have an actor blueprint (ButtonGoToBattleScreen) where i would like to activate an event in my level blueprint. Now I am using a level dispatcher and I don’t know if this is the correct way to achieve this. So far it is not working so I guess it is not or I am doing something wrong.

This is what I did so far.

  • Inside the blueprint (ButtonGoToBattleScreen) I have added an event that responds when clicking on the actor.
  • Then it calls the Event Dispatcher (GoToBattleScreen).
  • Prints “Button Pressed!” to check if the button works. It does! :smiley:

  • In my Level Blueprint I have added the event “GoToBattleScreenEvent” that is linked to the rest of the script.

Is this wrong to think that when you call an event dispatcher that it activates all the events irregardless in which blueprints these events are located?


Yes and no. You have to bind the event. Once you’ve done that you call receive the input from any actor inside of the level but you have to specifically bind it for the actor you want to receive it from.

If you get an actor implementing an event dispatcher and then pull out the wire and search via the context menu for your event you will find “Bind event X” which will create a node where you can input that red square an event has besides the exec output.
Here’s the documentation for it: Event Dispatchers | Unreal Engine Documentation


Thnx Erasio!

I did it a bit different because the event was located on the level blueprint. As mentioned in docs, the nodes are automatically bound to the event when located in the level blueprint.

So this is what I did was

  • Select the actor in my level.
  • Go to my level blueprint.
  • Add event for Button … (Blueprint) -> Default -> Add Go To Battle Screen (Event Dispachter)

Thnx for your help! :smiley: