Is the controller rotation limited?

Hi, is the roll rotation limited to +90 / -90 from the controller?
Because I cannot rotate further.

Also my pitch seems to be limited (also in editor) to -90 / +90.

One place where you can get hung up is hitting axial limits on the ‘thing’ your controller is controlling, so start with your pawn and work backwards. Check his root component in the Components tab and find the Physics section. There’s a dropdown for “Locked Axis” you will probably want to change to None given standard FPS games like those axes locked on purpose. Another place to get hung up is on the camera itself. Click on the camera component and find Camera Settings - there’s a bool in there to “Use Controller View Rotation” to turn off in the case where you’d rather keep the same view as the pawn or not. Being careful, you can achieve six degrees of freedom if you don’t try to over-complicate things. You can use the Get Up Vector to find a local Z axis, use Forward and Right vectors to build out a local coordinate system, find your orientation from any two of these directions (ex: Make Rot from ZY) or put all four together to build a full-on transform. You could free yourself from having to deal with the controller rotation altogether and just fly the pawn around, or pass values back and forth for replication and networked games… I found starting from scratch easier than the Flying template honestly - but it is doable with some head pounding on keyboards.

If you possess a pawn and try to rotate it in any direction, you’ll be limited to 90% in any direction. It’s a bug acknowledged by Unreal developers.

However, if you do the rotation in your custom PlayerController blueprint, you can freely rotate 360 degrees without limit. The rotation values (roll, yaw, pitch) can even exceed 360 degrees and it’ll work perfectly.