Is swiping bugged?

Hello, I’m having huge issues with swiping. I’ve tried this in multiple different ways, contexts, and projects, and I always inevitably run into the same problem with is that playing from the editor exhibits different behaviour than when playing from inside the pawn blueprint (so long as it’s on the monitor covering the editor… yes changing the monitor changes BP behaviour… this is some observer effect level stuff)

Specifically the problem is “Moved” stops working for input. When playing from the editor, if you have a print string to print the location of the input, attach it to “pressed”, that works. But attach it to move, and it does nothing.

Do an on tick to get location of press/mouse, and it gets the starting press location and prints that.

Check inside the BP of the pawn to see what’s going on and it… works fine, when pressing play from inside that pawn. It accurately gets all the info. Click back to the main editor window tab, hit play, it’s bugged again.

This technically works when compiled and on mobile, but it’s driving me insane for testing purposes… I always have to go inside the pawn to play my level.

Is this a bug? Is there any fix for this? Do you guys encounter this? I can easily reproduce it by starting a new project and attaching a print string to Input Touch Moved. Play from the pawn, it works. Play from the editor (spawning the same pawn and the right controller with the right options enabled) and it does nothing.

Video example:

Hmm… I don’t quite get it, why you need to do tests from the editor viewport?, while you can always do/play in ‘New Editor Window(PIE)’

From my exp. testing your mobile game in ‘New Editor Window’ is much more effective, since you can ‘visualize’ your game better on various device screen dimensions., this including getting the right idea- where the UMGs will be.

But, perhaps it’s just me, still learning too. Anyways, not sure it’s a bug, never did really bother testing my game on the editor port, always on new window.

This happens with new window as well. Will test standalone…