Is procedural landscape generation possible outside of runtime?

So, first I just want to say “hi” and that this is my first time on the forum. I don’t know if this has been answered already, or if I should be posting in a different section. Also I’m new to the Unreal Engine so I may be using terms incorrectly.

Anyway, I was watching the training livestream on Landscapes from a few days ago and at one point they mentioned that Mount and Blade (I believe it was) used a random noise texture to generate the maps for each battle. I was wondering if something similar was possible with Blueprint. I know that editing terrain in real time is not a feature that currently exists, but this would be something done outside of that. Is it possible to do something like use a procedurally generated texture (like a Gaussian Noise pattern, or something more interesting) for the height map of a Landscape as the level is being loaded?