Is possible to change the value of a variable at the moment at branch checks its value?

No, it shouldn’t be possible. Each execution line in blueprint will be run ‘atomically’, so it’s consistent within itself.

Say you had a long chain of nodes, A, and near the end a variable is checked.

It’s not possible for another group of nodes to change the variable while the A chain is executing.

The main exception for this, is if you have latency in the chain, then anything can happen.

Latency is any node with the clock in the top right corner. Delay being the classic example:


Hello, my question is whether CustomEvent0 can change the value of Var1 at the same time that variable Var1 branch checks its condition?

You can read the delay ( or any latent node ), like a break in the branch. It might as well split at that point.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, if the delay is after the branch it won’t affect it, only if it is before it will?

Thank you