Is Paper2D suitable for making commercial 2D games?

We’d like to use TileMap to create levels. But I find TileMap is still in early access and the whole plug-in is developed slowly since box2D is not fully supported. Moreover, I doesn’t find any commercial 2D games are using UE4, only many demos. Thus, is Paper2D mature enough to develop commercial games? Are there any potential bugs in TileMap or other performace problems in Paper2D which is still unsuitable for commercial products.
Thanks in advance.

So far I have not ran into an issue that has prevented me from moving forward in creating my game. We plan on having a commercial release once it’s viable. Any performance issues I ever had were from bad programming/scripting.

Ultimately what I think it comes down to is what do the tools do for you to achieve the idea/game you want to make and what don’t they do for you. Limitations of the tools will tell you that you need to create that mechanic/functionality and whatever time it will take to bring that online will be the difficulty of the project itself for both prototyping and optimizing. If the tools do not give you enough to make that commercial game a reality then your answer is there.