Is ObjectLibrary what I want to be organizing my items with?

My game has a boatload of unique items, each of which is organized into a struct which contains both the pure data (name, value, description), a pointer to the blueprint actor representing the item in-game, and some function pointers used to add ItemFunction components to that actor. I’m looking for something which a) lets me spawn/refer to an item in code by a unique index, and b) change my function and blueprint pointers in the editor, so I can simply pop a mesh in, make it into a blueprint, add all the bells and whistles I want, and give the item a reference to its model in my database.

I’ve been looking at ue’s data systems all morning, and I’m really confused by my use case- I’m not importing from excel, so data tables don’t seem appropriate, is ObjectLibrary my best bet for curating large numbers of unique items?