Is my machine going to burn out?

Hi, I am running Unreal 4.6 on my Windows machine (win7) and my GPU is a Nvidia Quadro 2000.

Normally when working in Maya or AfterEffects or other graphics programs like that my machine runs pretty smoothly. But when I run Unreal the fan in my machine (I think it’s the GPU fan) is constantly running.
Normally I leave my applications ie Maya open on my machine while I sleep etc. Last night I also left Unreal open on my machine. While I was working in Unreal last night the GPU was running at a fever pitch and still this morning when I woke up the fan was spinning very fast. Is this normal ? Should I be worried that it’s going to burn out my GPU or Processor? And are there any practices or anything I should do to mitigate a burn out ?

Normally my machine is quite quiet, so I am not use to hearing my machine make so much noise. Maybe this is normal for someone working in Unreal!?

It is normal if the editor is in focus, but it shouldnt make your gfx and cpu work more than usual when it is minimized(if you enable the option in Editor Settings > Miscellaneous > Use Less CPU When in Background)

Quadro series gpu’s arent suitable for UE4 kind of applications, btw, so thats another issue you should consider.