Is My laptop not good enough ?

I got a laptop and and just downloaded unreal engine. when I open the unreal engine 4. it stuck at 45% loading screen.
and when I open task manager. it show 100% cpu usage. and it show 3 unreal engine client and 3 shadinger thing (I’m forget)
but the memory and disk usage not even reach 50%.

My laptop is
DELL 7566 ](Intel Core i5 6300HQ Notebook Processor - Tech)i5 6300 HQ
VGA gtx 960m
Ram 8gb
hardisk 1 T

I know my laptop is not best for unreal engine 4.
But hope someone kindly enough to tell me if the problem is on my computer spec or some error make the unreal engine not working.

Let it work, be patient … All the shaders have to be built.
Same applies to opening demo / marketplace projects…
After all of this is setup, you will see an improvement etc…

Also, your GPU is fine but 8GB mem is on the low side!

All this setup can take a long time and crashes happen!
Also, remember to task kill the Epic-Launcher itself etc.
Kill Updaters, Scheduled-Tasks / unnecessary services…

Thank god my my laptop is not hopeless.
I also think I need to upgrade this 8gb ram in future.
well thank you for the info :smiley: