Is making a game about Islam Radicals illegal?

Hi, so first a few qestions:

  1. Is offending religious feelings illegal in U.S and Europe? It’s illegal in Russia for example.

  2. I have no intention to offend muslims. This is a game about radicals/terrorists only so people who don’t support radicals have nothing to worry about - this game is not about religion and does not critisize islam in any ways. And as radicals do exist in reality - I believe I can use my right of free speech to portray them realitically in a game. No wonder if reality is banned in some countries nowadays, but what’s situtation in your country? Share your thoughts and experience!

Why did you make another thread? This would have been fine in your “Is making a game about nazi’s illegal?” thread

Because I want to hear opinions solely on this mattter. Is making a new thread bad?

I smell StevenChau in this thread, let’s see if anybody around here remembers him?:wink:

We live in a world that most people want to be a snowflake and most people get offended by a badly spelled world.
They key to becoming a true developer is to treat your work as a form of art and not care what others say about it.

why dont ya just make your games and see what reactions you get or if you get arrested for doing something illegal. seems to me since this in now your 2nd thread about checking to see if this or that subject in a game is illegal that you are just trying to get a reaction out of people and “stir a pot” here on the forums.

Just go make a game about it and see what happens…

and btw i dont think freedom of speech means what you think it means, freedom of speech does not include the right to be heard. freedom of speech is protection from the GOVERNMENT to quell unpopular speech in the PUBLIC venue. it has nothing to do with whether a PRIVATE business disallows certain types of speech.

Well, this is a funny question. Maybe because I don’t want to break laws, get imprisoned, or having any troubles? Or that when all those feminists will scream about suing me I will be confident that I am not in trouble and act in terms of law? I can’t afford a lawyer, so I ask here, maybe someone knows. If you have nothing to say - you are free not to.

  1. Where it is written to be like that?
  2. Then racism is also protection from govrenment, and any business can reject a worker because of their race.

You are asking the wrong people. In legal questions you should always address the Legal Departments. In the case of Epic’s LD you can reach them out here:

There are no lawyers on interenet forums who would protect your rights. This is a question of profession and there are ways to reach them out. If you cannot afford a lawyer you are likely cannot afford to make controversial games either. But maybe you can’t afford to make any game at all, since it is a fine line to walk just like with any regular product. You should find a publisher for your game they will take care of the legal related questions.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Seems pretty clear to me what it means, it means the GOVERNMENT can not write laws or do anything to stop free speech in the PUBLIC venue, it has nothing to do with what PRIVATE business owners decide on for appropriate speech or uses of their products.

You are confusing 2 different things, freedom of speech and discrimination are not the same thing, discrimination is covered by another law that has nothing to do with freedom of speech…

As someone who already got fire twice for “disturbing the peace”, my advice is: go for it, don’t worry about what others think of you and your product and never back down or apologize. Better to fight and die free than not to fight and live as a slave.