Is live in-game editing possible?

Is it possible to allow live in-game world editing and modification something like minecraft but not just simple blocks?
What I mean is there any blueprints out there right now that can provide world editing features while your playing the game as a player and make the whole level act like a sandbox for you and others playing on map sort of like what Garrymod also does/allow in source engine?

Absolutely, why it would not be possible? It’s just letting player to spawn and edit some aspect of engine, which all it needs is provide all of that to interface, garry mod do exact same thing, the whole point of this mod was to let player toy with engine functions and resources.

There few problems thru

  1. Unreal Engine don’t have any out of the box assets, in garry mod you had HL2 at least to toy arround, it’s “mod” for a reason

  2. I think there currently no way to list avable assets via blueprints and there might be other things missing, you might need help from C++