Is knowing how to make new editor modules important?

So I’m reading this C++ UE4 book and I came across this chapter on making custom editor modules, adding toolbar buttons, windows, etc. It seems really hard to remember the steps and the syntax is pretty ugly looking. Just setting up the build.cs and .uproject file and getting it to properly build took forever. I don’t really see the point in customizing the editor. Most of my needs are there. I was just wondering what is the point of making new editor modules and is it something a UE4 developer (game programmer) should know?

I guest everything is about what you want with your life :p, if you want learn about gameplay programming because you want to do that in a job, then specialize on it, by the other hand, if you want make tools as a tool develper for your team because you want improve something, then you can learn about editor modules, actually is very useful, in my job we deliver previews at our clients often, all this inside the old but safe PDF format, so I made a tool to take screenshots, fit a UMG in pages, and then transform that UMG to a PDF output, is a very small example but the team is very grateful because nobody need take screenshots by hand and use a thirdparty software to make the pdf, because now everything happen inside UE

But again, everything is about what you want, besides is nothing wrong learn about a whole process!