Is it worth purchasing an outdated UE4 book?

Hi all,

I’m interested in buying the “Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4” book, however it was released in February 2015.
The engine has changed a lot since then and some things in the book is now deprecated.
Would this book be worth the purchase, or will it cause me more headaches than necessary?

I suggest that you should wait and check out this link often. I remember that they gave your book for free several times. Instead of buying an outdated book straight away, you should wait a bit and get it for free.

If you use the ue4 version the book was written for all is fine. and while things might change… IF (capital IF) the book is any good, your learned knowledge will help you regardless of some stuff being deprecated.
If the book sucks however, then… well… yea.

Yes, I saw that the book was given away for free a few months ago. I think it might be better if I invest in the C++ Programming book by Bjarne Stroustrup and wait it out for the UE4 book on Packt.

I think I’ll go with mahri726’s suggestion. I’ve had bad luck paying for expensive books where deprecation’s lead me to a dead end. I’ve read some good reviews about this book from seasoned C++ developers, so I guess it is not bad, just that there are a lot of API changes since the release. I think the book was written when UE 4.4 was out.

Oh and I like your caves and particles, will be checking out your Youtube vids, I kind of suck when it comes to particles.